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Syn is a lifestyle club located in Tulsa, OK, and is considered the hottest club in the area.  We average 100-200 people per party, and the parties are always “SYNful”   Doors open at 8 party starts at 9 and early arrival is recommended due to limited space in parking and seating.

For Location Details

Location Details

New To The Lifestyle

New to Syn or the swinging  lifestyle in general? Check out the Virgins of Syn page. Also check out our page on our playroom NR2K for details and common etiquette questions.

Table Reservations

We now do table reservations.  Click the Common Questions link for details.

Full Bar

SYN parties are held in a full service bar and are NOT BYOL.

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Aug 18th: Thick (Summer Edition)

Ladies of all sizes are sexy. However there is something about a thick girl. Ladies this is the night to show what you got no matter how much there is.

It’s a night of Thick Chicks and Big Dicks. This is the summer edition.  So excuse to wear even less.

Gentlemen to help the ladies out single males will be allowed unescorted into NR2K for this event.

Table reservations are available. If having a seat is important to you a reservation is suggested but not required.  This was a sold out event last time we ran it.

Normal door charge applies 20.00 per couple, 40.00 single males and unescorted ladies are free. For details on location, hotel and more check out the links above.

Aug 25th: Bare 2018

Summer is coming to an end and as usual we are going out with a splash! It’s our Summer of Syn climax party BARE!

It’s our annual wet t-shirt contest. Seems like every year this contest gets better and better. This year we are returning to our original format and making this a ladies only event.

For time contraints we are limiting the contestants to 6 ladies.   Everyone that wants to enter will be entered into a drawing and 6 numbers will be pulled for the contest. Winner will be determine by crowd response and by judges.

Want to be a judge?  This year we will be drawing for judges again.  If you like to judge let the door girl enter you into the drawing.   We get wet at 1130PM.

This is one of the biggest parties of the summer and calls for bigger prizes. 1st place 3 Months of free Syn entry, 2nd place 1 Month of free SYN entry and 3rd place will be one free entry.

Single ladies will have prizes converted to a equivalent bar tab.

Table reservation are available however must be pre-paid before this event.  Tables in the “splash zone” will be first come first serve reservation basis.

Usual cover charge applies only 20.00 per couple, 40.00 single males and single ladies are FREE! As always cover charge gets you access to the main party area as well as Secret Gentleman’s Club and Oklahoma’s most posh Naughty Room NR2K.

For details on location, hotels and more check out the links above.


September 1st: Nerds & Jocks

Fall is here! That means it’s time for school, sports and our annual Nerds & Jocks party. Come represent your side in this clash of brains vs brawn that is as old as time itself.

All Synners attending the event will be entered into a drawing. At 11sh we will draw 3 couples\singles to participate in our new game Nerd or Jock. If you choose Nerd will be asked 3 trivia questions. If you choose Jock you will get 3 shots at our cornhole game. Get one question\shot right you get one free entry. Get all 3 and you get a free month of Syn!
Couples can assist each other however no assist from the crowd please.

Cost is the normal 20.00 a couple, 40.00 for single studs and unescorted ladies are FREE! As always the entry fee gets you into main bar area as well as the gentleman’s club and our posh play room NR2K. Doors open at 8 party starts at 9. Early arrival is recommended due to limited space in seating and parking. All Syn parties are hosted in a full bar and are not BYOL.

For details on location, hotel arrangements and more check out www.SynInTulsa.com

September 8th: Topless After 10

Details coming soon!

September 15th: Syn Open
September22nd: Mens Shirts, Short Skits
September 2th: Cum One, Cum All

Any questions feel free to contact us, and we look forward to seeing you all again.


While Syn host it’s meet & greets in a public bar we are in no way affiliated with Next Door Bar Grill nor Secrets Gentlemen’s Club.  Bar employees are not allowed inside private lounge area.  Access to private lounge area is by invite only and not open to the public.

Thank you!!